Friday, February 6, 2009

Funky Fresh

This week has been pretty darn awesome. Classes are going great, got some spare cash in the bank, and the new demos for Halo Wars and Killzone 2 were released. My first impressions of both are very good, and I look forward to playing both full versions of them. Halo Wars' skirmish mode is gonna be great, especially with the co-op online feature. I also really like the concept of the campaign co-op in regards to being able to collaborate with your ally to plan attacks. One person can build quick recon strikes to distract the enemy while the other can build the formidable attack force to bring the pain. I freaking love RTS games!!! Killzone 2... what else can be said except for WOW. Finally after roughly 5 years, yes 5 years of development we get to see Guerilla's masterpiece in full motion. The demo is a 2GB download and depressingly short playtime. The animation is really great, but nothing that hasn't been seen before (Metal Gear Solid 4 quality). The sound is what sticks out the most to can tell that this game is meant for full Dolby goodness. The beginning part of the demo is a beach invasion and you can hear the blasts, shots, and yelling in each part of the 5.1 with great, rich detail. I read somewhere that campaign co-op is NOT included in the game right off the bat, but you need to download a patch for it. I'm not sure if this patch is ready for day one or if it will be shortly after release. The MP is already getting great rants and reviews based on the Beta users so I'm not even stressing that part at all. I'm more concerned about the overall Single player and co-op campaign. Hopefully it won't fail to impress like the first Killzone.

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