Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I started watching this show on a whim. Never knowing anything or hearing anything about this show I had no clue what I was getting into. When I read that Christian Kane was going to be in this series I quickly perked interest and decided to give the first episode a viewing. What an extremely pleasant surprise I found after just the first ten minutes into the pilot episode. The best way to describe this show is to just come out and say that it is like a weekly Ocean's 11 tv show. They have the planner, master thief, computer geek, ex-military spy for the muscle, and the incredibly beautiful actress for pulling the cons. Basically the main character, Nathan Ford, used to be an investigator for the big insurance company. And his main job was to "look" into their best intersts by tracking down the thives and con artists that threaten to steal from the company. Now he is working with some of the people he used to chase down. The ragtag group now works as a new age "Robin Hood and his merry men." Because Ford is the only honest man in the lot, he requires to take on the charity cases that help good people get "Leverage" and payback on the corporations that have wronged them in any way.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is the chemistry between the team members. In the beginning of the pilot they all claim that they all prefer to work alone and wish to keep it that way. When you mix them all together is when the team shines. They all have their expertise, but yet when they are working they all have fun with each other and it translates extremely well. 

I recommend watching the first episode and giving this show a chance because I think you'll be quite hooked by the end of the show. Next thing you know you're on the fourth episode waiting to see what next week's show will bring you. 

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