Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Reason Why Game Reviews are Bullshit

As a life-long Science Fiction fan and lover of all monsters/creatures of this genre I usually get all kinds of excited when a great movie is closing on release. Its also no secret that I'm an avid video game junky so when we get a combination of pure Sci-Fi on a video game I always have an instant joyasm. Not for a long time have I played a Sci-Fi game and the last one I can recall off the top of my head is the critically acclaimed Dead Space, which is technically a Sci-Fi / Horror mutant. While playing this game I was in pure of all my favorite genres.

Roughly around the time of late 2007 I read about a game that was being created that would be an EPIC level of awesome shit packed into one neat little package, and this game was titled "Colonial Marines." Taking place in the universe of James Cameron's masterpiece movies, this rumor was enough to make every Aliens/ Alien Vs. Predator fanboy do cartwheels in excitement. Well, I guess it wasn't enough for the developers to fully pledge their allegiance and Colonial Marines was put on the backburner for a bit. Rumors are still floating that this game is still going to be released.

This is not a total fail because this meant that they had something else in mind --- a new Alien Vs. Predator game. This is fantastic news!!! This will be on all the major machines...PC, Xbox 360, and the PS3 consoles. After what seemed to be an eternity (ie. One year) this game is finally coming home next week on February 16. But, there is much doubt because of one awfully bad review that was published in a magazine I shall not name. Thankfully, other reviews are finally starting to sprinkle out that are much better and proving that one review to be a fluke.

Here are a couple quotes from the questionable review:
“The human marine section (he is speaking of the campaign here) is set up like a survival horror FPS. There are a few good scares within these corridors, but after getting locked inside a room and having to fight off a horde of Xenomorphs for the 100th time, the repetition drowns the experience. It doesn't help that your flashlight is as useful at lighting up dark corners as a laser pointer.”
~~~I'm not sure what he was expecting, and I'd like him to find a game that doesn't have this.
“Curiously, Rebellion's 1999 PC release Aliens Vs. Predator, was well received, but this update captures none of that game's unique spark. Instead we have a title trying to live off the fumes of two dormant franchises.”
~~Again, based on this statement I doubt he ever played the original PC games because the developers stated that they are using the EXACT style of gameplay with a few tweaks and improvements here and there.
“The Aliens campaign plays like a combination of the other two. Like the Predator campaign, it has stealth focus, and like the Marine campaign, it sucks.”
~~~Ok, sooo he's complaining about the Stealth gameplay??? Has he ever seen the Predator movies?? Umm....the Alien's primary attacks in the movie are based on stealth and surprise attacks. This is what builds the suspense and elicits the scares in the movies. Its only natural that the game makers would want to emulate this in a game that is attempting to have the same atmospheric tension.

I'm also going to include the game trailer and hopefully it'll entice enough and get you peeps salivating in anticipation.