Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long Time, No Post

I know I've been promising an actual update, but I've been so busy with the semester wrapping up and getting ready to move. So here's my mini-update until I get settled in back in Tampa next week. Classes went well and I feel like I did really great, but I'm still getting really nervous about the beginning of the internship. It is good to realize that I'm at least getting paid for my time, but I'm just anxious because I feel that I don't know everything and that I should've dedicated more time to reading and learning. I have decided to write off one of my best friends...He isn't the same person I knew from 9 years ago. Since he moved up here back in 2004 he has changed entirely. He is so pessimistic and opinionated I cannot stand to be around him when he starts to open his mouth. He does nothing but sit on his ass all day long and bitch about everything. I find it humorous that he is constantly berating others, but cannot claim responsibility for his own faults and failures. For a good part of five years he has been working on finishing his Bachelor's degree since getting his Associate's degree and moving up here to Tallahassee. In that same amount of time I completely started over with school and have received my Associate's, Bachelor's and soon my Master's degree while he still claims to have "One more class" to finish and graduate. He has such a shitty outlook on life and constantly starts arguments with people just to start arguments. And when he fails his classes he concocts some ridiculous excuse about how his professor is an asshole, or his professor didn't like him, or even the most recent one that I've heard--"She's a damn socialist and I can't stand to hear her talk. So I haven't shown up to class in three weeks." Wow, that's one way to show your teacher how much you dislike them. And then completely disregards that his failing the class is his own doing. I hate to wish this upon him, but I hope that he gets kicked out of school and his father cuts him off because then he might just realize that he is the only person responsible for his position in life....Angry, miserable, and soon lonely. Well, enough venting about that, but enough is enough. I can only sympathize for someone for so long before I feel its time to move on. I'll post again in a few days because the new Hot Toys Iron Man MK II figure should be arriving shortly and I'll have to take some pictures of the new living arrangements.