Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is going on with Hulk???

So we have an interesting crapfest going on with Hulk. We have an upcoming World War Hulks coming soon. Yes, plural for TWO Hulks. I tried to read and keep up with the recent Rulk storyline, but it got a little to darn crazy for my tastes. Here's a little 411 for some of the peeps that are trying to figure out what's been going on in the past couple years with Hulk.
A while back some of the Marvel super heroes got tired of Hulk smashing and breaking things. They also thought it would be a good idea to load him up in a rocket ship and send him on his merry way to a unpopulated planet so he wouldn't get angry and smash stuff. Well, that's boring so the writers imposed fate that his ship got off course and he landed on a savage planet full of gladiators and smoking hot aliens.
Hulk started to have some fun partaking in his favorite hobby--Smashing everything in sight. After much ass-kicking he managed to become king and bag one of the hot alien chicks. Of course, she got pregnant. Somehow the rocket blew up killing the wife and the child...Hulk was not happy. Hulk came back to Earth to talk through his emotions with some of the people responsible for his trip. Well, Hulk isn't a fan of small talk so this really turned into him breaking a LOT of stuff and kicking everyone's teeth in. After the fact, his accomplices, the Warbound informed him that the superheroes actually weren't responsible for the explosion so he wasted time smashing stuff. He then turned back into Bruce Banner and turned himself in.
Shortly, after Hulk started blowing things up and kicking major asses, and killed some people. Turns out this Hulk was red, smart, and could burn stuff. He was cleverly named Rulk.

This is where I left off with the reading. After reading 8 episodes of the Rulk books I got bored of the "who is who, and what is going on?" and gave up. But, here's a breakdown of what I have confirmed, or sort of confirmed, on what is possible going on right now and in the near future with the Hulk-verse:
There is now 2 Hulks
There is 2 Hulk bastard children
There is at least 2 She-Hulks
And there have been too many personality types to mention and describe.

At the very least I'd recommend buying and reading the first World War Hulk TPB because the art and story are amazing.