Monday, February 16, 2009


As a movie fan I am a member of various different movie critic forums and visit them quite frequently. To pay for the costs of maintenance many of the sites have memberships that you can pay for in return to certain perks that the regular non-paying member can't see. Well, in my personal opinion if you are going to operate a site like this you need to maintain a level of professionalism just like a normal business establishment. They have administrators and moderators that monitor all the posts, site maintenance, and anything else. In a recent visit to a forum by the name of High Definition Digest Forums there was a thread created for the recent review of a movie. The movie isn't really important, but the behavior of the moderators and staff members that really annoy me. To sum it up several of the regular members expressed that they disagreed with the reviewer's opinion of the movie, and from the beginning they were respectful and didn't attack or harass the reviewer himself. Shortly after the review was posted a staff member posted in the thread and expressed how much he hated the movie and also attacked the members by saying that he was "disgusted in the fact that anyone likes the movie at all." Hmmm... I know it might sound really childish to make an issue about this, but I really found it un-professional and completely void of objectivity (which is when I found it insulting). Thankfully many members called him out on this back quoting his statement and adding the dissapppointment that a staff member would act so inappropriately towards other members. Next that same staff member continued to blast those members that questioned him and also continued to say some ridiculous statements about the movie and foolishly attacked the book that the movie was based off of. After reading through all the posts I was really surprised that none of the other moderators made any attempt to intervene or lock the thread, but actually encouraged the staff member's attitude and opinion. At this point I was really offended by not only the original person's attitude, but the fact that the other moderators supported him and added to the problem by attacking some of the members. So I decided to bring this point up I made a comment on how shocked I was at the level of unprofessionalism in everyone that represented the site and that it's really pathetic that they are attacking the members that are paying to support the site. Later I logged in to see if anyone had taken note of my points I find that I have been banned from the site for "Attacking the moderators and/or staff members." This is completely absurd, and plan on confronting the moderator responsible for the ban as to how I attacked anyone and why nobody has seen fit to keep the lapdog staff members in check. After I'm finished with this situation I feel I will no longer visit the High Def Digest Forums and will look for another site to visit and contribute to. I suggest others to do the same by avoiding this site like the plague.

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