Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bank Robber Joker

After looking at pics of Hot Toys' second version of the oh so popular Joker from The Dark Knight I decided I needed to get one for myself. I thought the first Joker was totally insane, but this figure totally blows the first one away. The new head sculpt looks like Heath himself jumped out of the screen and onto my shelf. The newest figure is a variant that is in the form that we first see the new Joker. This figure comes armed to the teeth with a: machine gun, machine-gun pistol, duffel bag, and a slew of grenades. The absolute best part of this figure are the TWO head sculpts. One version is meant to be coupled with the included clown mask and the other is just an awesome portrait of the Joker. Of course, I did the insane thing and gave the machine gun and the regular head to the original Joker that I have. This figure has to be the best of The Dark Knight figures yet. So I cannot wait until they give us the upcoming Two Face and the recently announced Police Officer Joker.

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