Friday, March 6, 2009

Obi Wan Kenobi-- A New Hope

So it is pretty easy to figure out that I am indeed a Star Wars nerd/fanboy. Since I was a kid and saw that epic battle between Obi Wan and Darth Vader I have been hypnotized. Darth Vader was such a badass!!! He was and still is one of the most menacing villains ever to grace the screen. The first time he strolls into view in A New Hope you just know he's the villain and is up to no good. But that's not all, Obi Wan-- the "crazy old wizard" has the same powers that Darth Vader has. And shortly into the movie he discloses that Vader murdered Luke's father, who was a good friend of Obi Wan. Now, he's either pitching the best sale ever or he's just praying on the naivety of young Luke by telling what he wants to hear. He also tells Luke that he needs to come with him to start his training to become a Jedi Knight like his the same time failing to mention that Vader is actually his father who turned from hero to villain at the drop of the dime and is personally responsible for destroying the Jedi Order as well as the Galactic Republic (with some help from Palpatine).
From his first appearance on screen Sir Alec Guiness' presence engulfs us with Obi Wan's "classical" representation of an extinct order. He is dressed as a common beggar with his large and tarnished robes as well as his seasoned appearance. Obi Wan takes Luke in and begins teaching him the basics of the Force. He mentors the young apprentice and carries the burden of knowing that Luke is the last hope to destroying the Empire and defeating Darth Vader. He knows all too well that if rushed, Luke can turn to the dark side and become a Sith just like his father did before him. Obi Wan has witnessed first hand what it is like to see the wrath of the dark side of the Force.
Here I'll get to the actual figure. I have before you the Sideshow Collectibles Obi Wan Kenobi from A New Hope in the Jedi Order line. Sideshow has produced Four versions of Obi Wan as of now. In this version we get an exact replication of Sir Alec Guiness' face, but in 1/6 form. Of course he gets the standard setup: Outer Jedi Robe, Inner and Outer Tunic, Lit and Unlit Lightsaber, Several hands for multiple displays, and a Star Wars stand. The detail on this figure is incredible. I can't capture the correct words to describe how awesome this figure truly is. If by any chance you are trying to decide which version of Obi Wan to get---this is THE one to get. I have yet to receive the Episode II figure, but as of now the likeness of Alec Guiness blows away any previous version of Ewan MacGregor. And if you plan on getting the forth coming Darth Vader 1/6 from Sideshow you NEED to get this figure to accompany him on your shelf.
Sooo, without further ado here is a picture of him. Please forgive my phone camera as I do not have a proper digital camera yet.

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