Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Batman Vs. Daredevil

Ultimate Showdown Number 2!!!!
Batman and Daredevil are Marvel and DCs intelligent crimefighters. Each of them are highly skilled fighters, both are acrobatic junkies, and both possess insurmountable deductive reasoning abilities. I'm gonna give a quick rundown of both characters to compare and contrast to decide which one can achieve victory in battle.

1. Fated Origins.
Both heroes have come from traumatic childhoods. Matthew Murdock (Daredevil)was raised by his father in Hell's Kitchen and appreciated the fact that laws were in place to keep people from acting a fool. To help ensure this he became a lawyer to protect the innocent and send the criminals where they belong. Before completion his father was murdered for refusing to throw a fight, and in retaliation Matt went into action as the "Daredevil" to seek justice. Bruce Wayne (Batman) was born into wealth as his parents Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne were rich Gotham socialites. Raised in luxury Bruce never had to want for anything. Until one night on the way home from the theater Bruce witnessesd his parents murdered. At this point Bruce made an oath to rid Gotham of the evil criminals that were responsible.
Advantage: Daredevil

2. Intelligence.
Well, since both are known for their intellect I figured we could see how they stack up. Daredevil is a lawyer during the day and graduated with his "Juris Doctorate" from Columbia law. That's pretty dam impressive considering he's freaking blind!!! Batman is known for his awesome Detective skills. While I don't recall where he went to school, being from Gotham's elite upper class he was highly educated. Since he has no "Powers" he relies only on his own scientific knowledge and deductive reasoning. He's also a super businessman --- like Bill Gates, so he's smart enough to keep the money coming in from Wayne Enterprises.
Advantage: Batman

3. Powers
Daredevil came to be from radioactive chemicals that blinded him, but at the same time enhanced his other senses to super human levels. His sense of touch is enhanced enough to read with his fingers (not just Braille) and detect changes of temperature--body heat detection to the point that he can tell if someone is alive or dead. He can smell people's distinct odors and can track them for up to 50 feet in a crowd of other people. So remember that if you fart in public!!!! His taste enables him to remember the exact ingredients of anything he eats or drinks. And his hearing gives him the ability to hear people through soundproof walls, differentiate others' heartbeats, and possess a Sonar-like ablity that allows his brain to render a 3-D like map of his surroundings.
Batman---ummm....he doesn't have any "Powers"
Advantage: Daredevil

4. Equipment
Daredevil carries his trademark "Billy Club" which doubles as his cane during the 9-5 grind. It contains thirty feet of aircraft control cable, which is connected to a case-hardened steel grapnel. It also has a mechanism that allows it to wind and unwind at the flip of a switch. He also carries two batons that are pretty much the standard baton that you can use to club someone with.
Batman---where to start?? Well, since he possesses the mechanical know-how that makes McGyver his bitch Batman designs and creates everyting in his aresenal. His trademark item is his utility belt, and it has everything from tear gas to handcuffs to condoms in it. Batman also likes to ride around in the Batmobile, and its so fast and furious it makes Vin Diesel jealous.
Advantage: Batman

5. Fighting Skills
Daredevil was taught by martial arts master "Stick" and combining his powers with his sweet bo staff skills he makes Chuck Norris head for the hills. Because of his heightened senses its almost unfair to the point that every time he fights the ninja clan "The Hand" they explode in a puff of smoke before dying. That's badassery right there.
Batman is the "Mutt" of martial arts practitioners. Since he has a grab bag of different fighting styles its not odd to see him doing karate then transitioning from head butts to kicks to the gonads. I would describe this as the precursor of MMA fighting. Maybe he can moonlight in the UFC?
Advantage: Daredevil.

Well, that does it. While I think the fight would be closer than anyone can predict, Daredevil would end up wiping the floor with Batman. Batman would surely use some of his gadgets to his advantage, but Daredevil's heightened senses and abilities would negate this and give him the win.

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